Short notes on web development job and areas of focus

Some job roles focus narrowly on few specific things. Other deal with a wide range of things related to development.

Main areas a web development work is usually divided into is frontend and backend. Frontend includes everything that you can see and can interact with once you open the website or web app in a browser. Backend is concerned with the stuff that goes on in the background, talking with a database and other services that are necessary to support all the possible user actions and data.

Areas by type of work:

  • visual
  • app/website functionality
  • data & services 

Visual focus:

  • design system
  • components, layouts

App & website functionality focus:

  • interactivity, implementing finished components...
  • forms, posting data
  • interactive components that work with dynamic data, user provided, loaded form other source
  • websites/apps that communicate with other services

Backend focus:

  • infrastructure
  • deployment, hosting
  • databases and specialised services
  • integration with 3rd party services

As you can see there are bunch of different things a web developer might work on and different positions might require more experience and skills in different things. Any combination of this areas of focus is probably possible this days 😄.

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